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Treatment Options Overall treatment plans consist of three components: medical, psychosocial, and support from loved ones and people who have experienced alcohol dependence or abuse. Each patient will require a combination of resources to suit their individual treatment needs. These are not competing assets but complementary to one another. See Treatment Option Brochure.

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Outpatient Treatment

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Peer Support

Outpatient programs vary in length and intensity. Intensive Outpatient Treatment programs are offered at a hospital or rehabilitation center setting. The patient is generally required to attend 3 or more days a week for up to 9 hours each day. This was developed as an alternative to traditional 28-day inpatient treatment for offer alcoholism services of various intensity and duration. This type of treatment allows the patient to be with family while getting treatment.

There are also less intensive programs that consist of individual, group and/or family/couples therapy. These programs are only one or two times a week and are considered maintenance therapy for when the patient has completed either inpatient or intensive outpatient therapy.1


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