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Friends & Families This disease can take a toll on the alcohol-dependent person's loved ones as well.
Wanting to help but not knowing what to do can be a helpless feeling.

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What can I do to Help?

Watching a relative or loved one with an alcohol problem can be devastating and frustrating at the same time. It's hard to comprehend why they don't see what they are doing to themselves and the people close to them. You want to help but you don't want to enable. They may seem uninterested in changing, they may be in denial about their situation, or they may want to change but simply don't know what to do.

Despite the dramatic interventions on reality TV, there are many ways to help. Learning about them will help you know what is best for you and your loved one. People don't have to hit 'rock bottom' before they can benefit from treatment, and studies show the sooner treatment begins, the better the outcome.

Educating yourself about the disease will help you to determine what you should do next. Stigma associated with any addiction causes the afflicted person to feel embarrassed and responsible. Behavior while intoxicated may provide more reasons to feel embarrassed, ashamed, and responsible. Many people become depressed and lose motivation to get help and some actually get to the point where they are not concerned if they live or die. This is part of the disease. Helping them get to the appropriate treatment is the best way to help not only your loved one, but also yourself.


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