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Educational Materials Through education, you can empower yourself with the understanding and tools you will
need when facing alcohol abuse or alcohol dependency. Whether it is for yourself or a loved
one, knowing the facts will provide for better treatment and better care for all concerned.

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Alcohol Education Materials

Alcohol and the consequences of consuming too much too often, have been with us for thousands of years. It's only been in the last 50 years or so through science, that doctors have begun to understand how this substance affects the human body and brain. Fifty years of science vs. thousands of years of speculation, myth, and guessing.

Science has begun to unlock the mystery of the effects of alcohol. These advances have allowed new tools to be developed in treating alcohol dependence. Understanding how alcohol dependence affects the brain will help you understand today's treatments. Click on the subject for which you would like more information.

Frequently Asked Questions Alcohol and Health Stigma of Alcohol Dependence Treatment Alcohol Dependence and Abuse
Biology of Addiction Children of Alcohol-Dependent Person Therapy / Peer Support Defined What is Evidence-Based
Social Acceptance of Alcohol Harm Reduction Alcohol-Related Statistics History of Alcohol Dependence

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